Bengal Business Council : The voice of bengali businesses worldwide



We currently have over 370+ members, and growing, in the council consisting of various industries. Members are inducted through a system of recommendation by an existing member, followed by screening by the empowered committee and a personal interview by the members of the governing body or members assigned to do the same.

Members gain from a larger network of Bengali businesspeople from within West Bengal, pan-India and internationally. They will gain from

  • Creating cost-effective direct relationships with brand-owners, vendors and OEMs,
  • Explore franchise opportunities,
  • Direct access to resources at the disposal of larger member organizations,
  • Connections and network benefits to expand their existing business,
  • Seek new opportunities in business and investments,
  • Exposure to funding and partnership opportunities.

BBC Fellows, i.e. student members will gain knowledge from business education programmes, direct access to industry leaders, exposure to government entrepreneurship schemes, startup funding and partnership opportunities with regular members, learning from mentorship groups and development of entrepreneurial culture.

A category for Honorary Members has been created to include advisors from various walks of life for a holistic approach to realize the vision of the council.

In the next one year, apart from the current members, we are expected to have more members nationally and internationally paving the way for creation of chapters all over the country and subsequently overseas.


  • Regular meetings including AGM as per statutory mandate
  • Public Awareness Programmes to foster the mission of the council
  • Student Programmes - creating an entrepreneurial mindset
  • Mentorship programmes for start-ups and small businesses
  • Conduct business plan contests and provide funding opportunities
  • Conduct workshops for business growth for members
  • Industry Representations, outreach programmes nationally and internationally
  • Working with the government and members to support small businesses
  • Advocacy for common causes directed towards enabling ‘ease of business’
  • Social and Cultural Programmes for the members
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